September 23, 2012

Things I Love Sunday!

Knitted Bow Headband  // Star Crown
Now that it's officially autumn, I'm crazy about warm accessories. I love that this bow headband doubles as an earwarmer too! Her etsy shop has tons more cozy knitted items that are worth a look.

The star crown obviously wouldn't be too warm, but I can't help wishing I had it for the upcoming holidays...

Anchor Sweater // Pumpkin Pale Ale Coat 
I love anything anchors: I have an anchor tattoo, anchor purses, jewelry...a little obsessed. The color of this anchor sweater is great, and even greater? Their etsy shop, KindLabel, is organic and charitable! Double whammy!

This Modcloth coat is named after one of my favorite parts of fall, pumpkin beer! This year my boyfriend and I are going to homebrew some pumpkin beer ourselves for the first time! That aside, the colors and pattern of this coat are perfect for autumn, I want to wear it with a lot of dresses and tights and jeans and sweaters and boots. So, a lot of things.

Hedgehog Teapot // Animal Mug Set
Now that it's cooler in the mornings and at night, all I want to do is drink hot tea and hot chocolate. Both of these items are from the same etsy shop and would definitely make morning and bedtime rituals a lot cuter! I. love. those. mugs.

Pink Public Bike

This has nothing to do with autumn, and I love my old single-gear bike (I swear, Rigby! [my bike's name is Rigby]) but I just love how colorful all of Public's bikes are, and I could really use more than one gear for the few hills we have here!

What are you craving now that autumn has hit??


PS - I am still working on getting rid of those pink image backgrounds, sorry! C'mon, Google/Blogger!


  1. I want those headbands so cute! Glad to have found your blog <3

    Colour Me Classic

    1. Aren't they adorable! Thanks for commenting, I am just starting out and working on time/motivation to keep going. Your blog is really great, I love your outfits!

      <3 Amy

  2. Mustard yellow seems to be all the rage this season. I know the headband isn't that color but pretty close.

  3. Lovely list of things! It was nice running into your blog :)



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