September 19, 2012

Life Lately (in Instagrams)

Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Farmer's market haul 2. Reggie is unimpressed by BBQs 3. Bowling alley food! 4. Wesley was under the weather lately 5. Found a perfect apple on a tree near my house 6. Respectable DMV outfit
I haven't been on top of updating since starting this, I was super inspired and then it sort of...fizzled away. But I'm working on it, there will definitely be more posts starting today!

ETA: Blogger is being crazy right now and won't let me edit the color around the photo - I know it's hard to read the caption, sorry! It'll be fixed as soon as Blogger fixes its template issues! <3


  1. awww Wesley is adorable!!! Why was he so sad? :)

  2. I think he's pretty cute too! He was just sick for a little while, however, he always always looks sad for some reason! He really is the world's most spoiled dog though so it doesn't make sense...

    <3 Amy


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